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American Entrepreneur & Financial Scientist

Let's start with my favorite quote "You can't hit home runs unless you swing." That being said lucky you, you took your first swing and found my site. SoBaller U is a fun site to share life changing tips through candid and light hearted entertainment. My podcast is authentic and provocatively inspiring. My blogs will be simple and informative. I hope my critical thinking will provide a perspective that is challenging to your own beliefs. I want to provide value to you in a changing world through forward thinking. Help you develop a road map to achieve your personal pinnacle. Most importantly, I want to document and time stamp my mindset using this platform to hold myself accountable. Anyways, enough of this, let's go hit home runs! 

So Baller University Linh Baller


All Big-Ten Academic Honors

NCAA All-American Athlete

U of Illinois Team Captain

Marketing - U of Illinois

Int'l Business - U of Illinois

HBS EP - Harvard University

WAIS-IV 137 ± 6

American Veterinarian Member

Wix Icon Professional

Google Alphabet Publisher

x.AI Researcher/Tutor

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