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Coinbase Crypto Rewards Card Strategy

Updated: Feb 24

Coinbase Crypto Rewards Card Strategy

I believe this is the easiest way to earn crypto with no change in your spending habits. It's just a matter of switching over to using a different debit card and earn 1-4% on crypto as you spend. It will require a little maintenance, but I believe the rewards (literally) could be life changing for your financial future.


Sign up for a Coinbase account:

Once your account is setup and bank account linked, request for a Coinbase debit card.

Once your request is approved and receive the Coinbase debit card in the mail. Activate card.

Next, you will log-in via Coinbase app. Click on the "pay" on bottom right, this will take you to your card management.

At the top right, you will see "manage", click and you will see "add funds". Click on "add funds", you will see "one time purchase", you can click and a drop down menu will give you options to how often you would like to "Top" your card, which is to add funds to your card from your linked bank account to spend. "Topping" your card will be a regular daily, weekly or monthly maintenance to insure your card is funded for your spending.

Next, you will need to choose a crypto currency you would like to accept as rewards payment. I chose the AMP coin because it pays 4% on all my purchases and I'm familiar with the coins technology and potential growth. I highly recommend a coin that pays 4% because you can always convert to any other coin after the rewards has been paid. This way you can maximize your rewards at 4%. There is no reason to only earn 1% bitcoin or ethereum If you can earn 4% then convert to Bitcoin, Ethereum or any coin.

coinbase rewards

Once you've picked your reward coin and have funds "Topped" on your Coinbase card. I recommend going thru your current expenses/subscriptions on your traditional bank account statement to see which bills you can switch over and start paying with your Coinbase card. This will maximize rewards monthly without any changes to your spending habits. Also, not all companies will accept payment from your Coinbase card because the card is classified as a pre-paid card at this time.

When you are paying at a debit card machine at retail stores or a gas station. Do not enter your PIN number or transaction will be denied. Always request for signature to confirm purchase. It's usually the yellow button on machine or click this is "not a debit card"

Below is an example of my last months rewards....

coinbase visa card

I switched over most of my bills, subscriptions, personal and business expenses to maximize rewards. This is rewards that I did not receive last month, you can see its a significant amount. At this time, this is approximately 20,000 AMP coins at an average of $.05 per coin. Imagine, if AMP goes up in value to $1 a coin. My rewards this particular month would be worth $20,000 potentially. Over time with this strategy and if my speculation of AMPs value increasing. This would be a significant amount of potential wealth.

Another strategy once you received your rewards is to convert to a coin that pays a staking interest. For example, I could take the $1,045 reward in AMP coins above and convert to a coin such as Cosmos (ATOM 5%) or Algorand (ALGO 4%) and earn more interest on my rewards. So rewards interest earning more interest. This can compound quickly over time.

Hope this is simple enough to follow. I would love to hear feedback if you've followed my process. My goal is to simplify the process as much as possible so you can start earning. I strongly believe this strategy will help you build wealth. Don't be scared, be curious, test and try. You can always go back to your old debit card earning nothing. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your interest!

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