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Follow the Money!

Updated: Feb 24

Follow the Money!

Crypto funding is breaking records. Funding has continued to increase for seven straight quarters.

And there’s no sign of a slowdown.

Check out some of the biggest fundraising announcements in April thus far…

  • “Fortnite” developer Epic Games secured $2 billion in additional funding to further its metaverse ambitions.

  • Pantera Capital announced it raised $1.3 billion for its Blockchain Fund.

  • Stillmark is targeting a $500 million raise for a new credit fund to lend capital to companies building in the Bitcoin Lightning space.

  • Circle, half of the Centre Consortium behind the second-largest stablecoin USDC, announced a $400 million fundraise.

  • Metaverse platform The Sandbox is looking to raise $400 million.

Each of these funding deals was for a quarter of a billion dollars or more.

Do not be naïve to the macro movement! Can‘t wait to go back to this blog 5 years from now and say… Wow… I was right.. again.

So Baller U!

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