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What’s at Stake?

Updated: Feb 24

What’s at Stake?

What are you prepared to do? It’s simple... Take Action!

6 coins to Own or Stake! Thank me later!

1) ETH stake on Kraken, Ankr or lend it out on Celsius (5-6% yield)

2) Polygon MATIC, stake in or Metamask wallet (10-15% yield)

3) AVAX token: (9-12% yield) • Step 1: Buy the AVAX token on Binance or KuCoin. • Step 2: Create an Avalanche wallet and deposit your AVAX to the X-Chain. • Step 3: Transfer your AVAX to the P-Chain for staking. • Step 4: Choose a validator and stake your AVAX tokens.

4) Buy FTM (Fantom) and stake: (yield 10-15%) • Step 1: Buy Fantom on Binance, KuCoin, or Uniswap. • Step 2: Set up the fWallet for Fantom. • Step 3: Port your FTM tokens from Ethereum to Fantom using the bridge. • Step 4: Delegate your FTM tokens to a validator.

5) Buy The Graph (GRT): (10-15% Yield) • Step 1: Purchase the GRT token and deposit it into a MetaMask wallet. • Step 2: Connect your wallet to The Graph Network and delegate your tokens to an indexer. • Step 3: Rewards are added to your staking balance and can be collected when you undelegate.

6) Buy and stake Livepeer (LPT): (Yield over 20% and also the riskiest) • Step 1: Buy Livepeer on Binance, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, and Kraken. • Step 2: Send your LPT to a MetaMask wallet. • Step 3: Go to the Livepeer Explorer and choose an Orchestrator. • Step 4: Delegate your LPT tokens.

Good Luck…

So Baller U!

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